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The Mixed Media Thing |
Illustrated, digital, and hand-painted/hand-crafted products for you and your home, including wall art, paper arts/paper goods, and one-of-a-kind gifts/keepsakes, designed fabrics, and some apparel. Limited commissions.
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The Mixed Media Thing

It’s commonplace for me to routinely work with a wide range of pigments, mediums, and textiles when rendering illustrations, paintings, and more. But this mixed media style of art-making was not always so.

To be honest, I didn’t even know what mixed media art was at one point … but this art style landed on my lap (and into my heart) at two unexpected occasions:

During the COVID19 pandemic

I spent many of those quarantined days during the coronavirus pandemic practicing my art-making skills and it was during this socially distanced time that somehow, I ended up blending watercolor and acrylics together while working on an illustration. I hadn’t planned to combine those two mediums but it kind of just ended up that way and made my final illustration look amazing.

During my MFA coursework

A collage assignment during grad school inched me closer and closer toward mixed media. The instructor at the time had tasked our class to produce a 9″ x 12″ collage and encouraged us to use whatever medium(s) we wanted. As part of that process, I ended up blending rubber stamping and paper cuts into my collage and the end result turned out to be fantastic!


Today, mixed media art is my absolute passion.

While yeah sure … I can (and do) “just use watercolor” (for example) or stick to one style whenever needed, most of the time I’m 100% art-heart deep in mixed media blend mode and *totally* loving it.

As you learn more about me and my creative processes, I think you’ll find the latter statement couldn’t be more true 🙏

Yours in art and creative expression,