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Papisse: Matisse In Upcycled 3D |
Illustrated, digital, and hand-painted/hand-crafted products for you and your home, including wall art, paper arts/paper goods, and one-of-a-kind gifts/keepsakes, designed fabrics, and some apparel. Limited commissions.
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Papisse: Matisse In Upcycled 3D

For those unfamiliar, the internationally acclaimed contemporary artist Henri Matisse created a substantial body of magnificent paper cuts artwork the last few years of his life.

Matisse's art, and ** is paper cut art in particular **, has inspired me for years.

So when the opportunity for my first public art exhibit came about recently (through my local library; see below for deets), I *instantly* knew I wanted to do some kind of Matisse tribute.

That's how I came up with my exhibit name and theme, ** PAPISSE **, which will feature UPCYCLED RECREATIONS of Matisse's paper cut art from the 1950s.

Upcycling, of course, means reworking and reconfiguring recyclable materials, which for me in this case include TONS OF CARDBOARD AND PAPER(S) of all kinds. This, in turn, means my exhibit prep requires several dumpster diving trips …

… in search of sturdy cardboards, cartons, mesh or netting 👇🏽 …


…  and any other elements I can rework into Matisse’ish pieces.

I’ll be journaling about my PAPISSE art exhibit to document (for myself) and share the experience (with you) over the coming two weeks.

Until then, the exhibit details are below 👇🏽

from January 16, 2024 through February 28, 2024

In the glass case display shelving located inside the public foyer area of the Cascades Public Library in Potomac Falls/Sterling area of Loudoun County, Virginia

Creating something noble and worthy of appreciation from straight up rubble … from everyday objects we constantly take for granted, toss out, and discard 24/7 … to demonstrate and remind all of the following:

  1. art can be born from and created with just about anything
  2. items we consider “trash” still have great utility and capacity for renewed purpose; in other words, second chances are absolutely possible 🙏🏽
  3. repurposing found items and upcycling “trash” are great ways to keep junk from ending up in our landfills



At the time of this writing …

I’m exactly 12 days out from having to finish all the upcycled pieces for this display!

Stay tuned … more to come.


Yours in art and creative expression,