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My Portrait In Oil Pastel |
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My Portrait In Oil Pastel

I can’t get enough of children’s artwork.

It’s so pure and their unafraid, bold lines never lie.

Like my 8 year old nephew’s portrait masterpiece this weekend 🎨🙌 which he painted using my oil pastels:

Children's art in oil pastel

So the lady in the oil pastel painting is supposed to be me 🙂

And the child artist holding up his colorful artwork is Chase Foster, my 8-year old nephew.

Notice Chase’s proud expression as he beams at his at his artistic results.

In progress

Here’s Chase near the tail end of his portrait work:

Children's art in oil pastel

The little guy had been inspired by my acrylic self portrait (off to his right) and asked if he could copy it using my oil pastels, which of course I welcomed 🙏

Children gravitating towards art should be encouraged

I’m a huge advocate for encouraging kids to draw or scribble with whatever marking instrument and paper is available.

It’s so important to support kids in their artistic moods and creative goals; it’s something I wish had been encouraged to pursue and delight in when I myself was a child.

How I wonder at times where I could have been today had that been the case, but I digress.

The point is … if a child shows interest or expresses excitement in any kind of art or craft activity, go *all* out for them, truly.

Because even if the child isn’t a budding Michelangelo, teaching kids to express themselves with endless color does wonderful things to boost their confidence and nurture their self-esteem in the long run.

Children’s art classes for 2023

I’m working on my 2023 visual art classes for kids and, time willing, I may also offer a class or two over the coming holiday season.

In either case, I’ll share the schedule soon but until then, hoping you **too** will encourage your kid(s) to pour out their creative energies onto paper or canvas — today and every day!


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