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Notebook Decor Using Doodle Cutouts |
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Notebook Decor Using Doodle Cutouts

Cutouts of childhood doodles make great decorations.

Especially on notebooks of all shapes and sizes … like on this B-shaped mini notebook, which I purchased from a local thrift store 👇🏽


Inside cover design of sketchbook by creative writer MAYRA YADIR

As you can see from the photo above ☝🏽, a handful of my teen son’s childhood doodles decorate the inside cover of this adorable little “B” notebook.

Notice how the doodled cutouts add instant visual appeal in a fun and fresh way.

That’s what my video demonstrates.

The video on this post tours you through a recent notebook transformation I did as an inspirational gift for my 17-year old son, Brandon.

Back cover design of sketchbook by creative writer MAYRA YADIR

A mix of media, including art markers, collage, and paper cutouts give this little B-shaped notebook a fun personality.

The centerpiece of my notebook decoration are my son’s alien and space doodles, which he had originally drawn when he was 7-years old.

As a notable side note, the B-shaped notebook was a second-hand find from a local thrift store. This makes this decoration project sustainable-friendly for its repurposing of existing materials in an artistic way.

Have you decorated your own journal or sketchbook?

If you have, I hope you enjoyed your decorating process as much I enjoyed mine!

And if you haven’t, then I hope my video sharing inspires you to try it. But before you rush off to decorate your journal or sketchbook in your own unique way, please be advised you’ll get seriously hooked xo BIG TIME. Trust me.

More videos and inspirational content to come ❤️🙏


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