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Introduction to Mixtura |
Illustrated, digital, and hand-painted/hand-crafted products for you and your home, including wall art, paper arts/paper goods, and one-of-a-kind gifts/keepsakes, designed fabrics, and some apparel. Limited commissions.
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Introduction to Mixtura

The English translation of the Spanish word mixtura is “mixture,” which in turn Oxford Languages defines as “a combination of different qualities, things, or emotions in which the component elements are individually distinct.”

To my mind, this wordmixturais so appropriate in describing what artists do: we blend our passions for image-making and creative production with our various skills, numerous techniques, and bounty of life experiences to produce an aesthetic output that is, to each of us, individually distinct.

That very “blending” and “combination” vibe is at the heart of my own creative approach and infused into every aspect of my artworks, which are literally made by bringing together all kinds of textures, pigments, and textiles. This is the essence of mixed media art: mixing mediums to produce something visual and that would otherwise not be possible without the combination of elements brought together.

And yet, beyond mixtura’s literal blending, this blog aims to also share a blend of ideas and studio life happenings. 

Last but hardly least, you may (or may not) have noticed I reference myself as a creative writer. Those who’ve worked with me or are in my social circles  *know* how much I love to write; just as much as I love to create art and work on designs.

But I’d like readers here (and future visitors who may stumble upon this post) to know that because Google and numerous AI-hoarding tech companies (including Meta, Microsoft, OpenAI, etc.) are, quite literally, usurping and sucking up as much text, data, and imagery as possible from the whole of the Internet **without owner or copyright permissions (to train their AI models),* I will be limiting my writings here on my blog to short-from posts and brief, timely updates. My more robust and creative writings; the ones that engage the mind and provoke one’s heart, will be packaged as self-published works — a goal I’m working on now for 2024.

I hope you’ll join me on Instagram and Pencilbooth … and that you’ll always reach out with your comments and friendship🙏

Yours in art and creative expression,