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Kicking Off *Exude* |
Creative writings of MAYRA•YADIR, an artist who writes & a writer who practices art. Site includes resources & inspiration for creative writers seeking to expand and cultivate their creativity and stretch further their self expression.
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Kicking Off *Exude*

Self publishing for *Exude* has begun.

EXUDE is the title of (one of) my upcoming book(s).

EXUDE — currently* an autobiographically-focused book — blends elements of stunning, black and white photography with mixed media accents while sharing reflections across a personal journey.

I’m so excited to unveil some of this book’s behind-the-scenes progress below.

(* Btw, I say “currently” because EXUDE’s theme continues to iterate and shift … but more on that later).

Getting EXUDE Started ... by creative writer MAYRA YADIR

But first . . .

Before delving too deeply into the book’s preliminary design inspiration, it’s important to note that content — generally and almost always — drives the end-to-end design process.

**Almost**, however, is the operative word … meaning this practice is mostly, but not always, true.

That’s because while laying out designs of any kind heavily depends on the volume and contextual nature of content, there are times inspiration just hits … even if a book’s story isn’t yet complete.

That said, it’s important to jot down book and page layout design ideas as they come to mind.

You can see that’s what I’m doing across my own notebook pages, as shown in the photo above 👆🏽.

The goal is to record any and all design and layout ideas, no matter when they present themselves along the writing process, so that the inspiration behind them doesn’t get lost in the self publishing shuffle.

The design concepts so far

While size, cover stock, and other design details can change, so far here’s what EXUDE is shaping out to be:

  • 8″ x 10″ hardcover book
  • consists of a 100 – 128’ish page range, give or take
  • most, if not all, of the book’s design and photography will be in black and white
  • mixed media accents will be showcased throughout

Gathering the elements

My initial but growing collection of mixed media design elements, which accentuate key aspects of storytelling as well as the luscious photography throughout, brings in layers of intriguing visuals and delicious textures across the pages.

Getting EXUDE Started ... self publishing by creative writer MAYRA YADIR

The small stash of elements shared in the photo above 👆🏽 (which includes old lace, vintage papers, torn canvas, and much more not shown) is only a limited sampling of the various accents to be incorporated into EXUDE’s design production.

A final self publishing word for now

Launch date

While production for EXUDE is underway, a drop date for launch is, as of yet, undetermined.

I am hopeful, however, to launch EXUDE at some point in 2023.

Let’s see how things pan 🙏


Until then, I’ll keep sharing as things progress further.

I also welcome your questions or comments about my creative writings for EXUDE as well as the book’s design process (combining photography and elements of mixed media art).

About the (upcoming) photography

The acclaimed photographer for this upcoming book is renowned visual artist Karina Djijo.

More info on this talented artist and her exquisite photography in upcoming posts.



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