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Visual Artist |
Creative writings of MAYRA•YADIR, an artist who writes & a writer who practices art. Site includes resources & inspiration for creative writers seeking to expand and cultivate their creativity and stretch further their self expression.
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Visual Artist

Like writing, art & design are also in my blood.

Visual artist & creative writer MAYRA YADIR

Though I’ve been a designer many times over throughout my career, my expansion into visual artistry is a fresh detour and exciting journey.


The art bug found me back in the day, when I was a little girl with big hopes and even bigger dreams. But it wasn’t until later in life, after a full career in computer graphics and experience design, that the spark for all things art came a callin’.

Art bug origins


In late 2022, I completed my Editorial Illustration MFA program with the Academy of Art University. While the MFA taught me all about artistic techniques, approaches, and mediums, it did NOT exactly teach me how to “be an artist.”

Here's what did


Art and design are not mutually exclusive; both help us see what we feel. Yet in all cases where art and design collaborate, there’s far more to the visuals that meet our eyes. That’s where image psychology — a field I’m trained in — plays a vital role.

See just how