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Farewell to the Leany |
Creative writings of MAYRA•YADIR, an artist who writes & a writer who practices art. Site includes resources & inspiration for creative writers seeking to expand and cultivate their creativity and stretch further their self expression.
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Farewell to the Leany

4:55 am.

I’m told you took your last breaths just before dawn’s glorious creep across morning skies.

What a fitting time for your loving transition 🙏.

I hope your ascent is guided by the soft pinks and golden promises only a fresh daybreak can bring and that your soul is welcomed by the warmth of the rising sun.

As you leave us …

… know that you’ll never truly be gone and that you’ve left an indelible mark in the lives of those who’ve had the honor and privilege of loving you in this life.

For me in particular …

My earliest memories, as far back as my closed eyes allow me to remember, have you all in them.

Moments peppered with your beaming smile and outstretched arms that scooped me up and held me close engulf me now as my heart winces with the sorrow of your loss yet rejoices at your newfound and eternal peace.

Never forget …

Know every day that I loved you across time—even on days, months, and years that I didn’t tell or show you.

Know that your love inspired the breadth of my life and illuminated my journey, especially through dim passages along my fraught way.

Lastly, know that you live on in countless recollections and poignant memories that beat on forever within my heavy but ever-grateful heart.

I love you Leany.

Ceaselessly and for always.



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  • Leany Jr

    I miss her even more after reading this. We have the same memories of a purely joyful, happy, loving and warmly creative mom. She would be so touched to see this beautiful memoir. Thank you and love you.

    January 12, 2023 at 2:13 am

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