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My Writing Start |
Creative writings of MAYRA•YADIR, an artist who writes & a writer who practices art. Site includes resources & inspiration for creative writers seeking to expand and cultivate their creativity and stretch further their self expression.
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My Writing Start

From nada to non-stop

When I was seven, my family swapped island life in Puerto Rico for stateside living in Northern Virginia. Back then, I only spoke in Spanish so learning to read, write, and speak English became an immediate priority. Though learning English fundamentals took me a good year or two, I’ve since spent a lifetime expanding my creativity and proficiency. As a passionate enthusiast now writing nonfiction and memoir, I enjoy pairing words and crafting phrases that catapult ideas and inspire interest.

A love of language

Learning English inspired a lifelong interest for language. I went on to learn French, German, and a pinch of Korean. And because of my Spanish language roots, I can understand *some* Italian and Portuguese as well.

Communications & design

My love of language led to me towards a marketing design and communications career where I wrote for traditional and digital campaigns and designed content, identities, and products/apps for brands.

Now I write (& design) for me

After decades of authoring content and designing messages for brands, I’m now — after years of wanting to write for myself — finally pursuing some of my own publishing projects.

Read away!