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Autumn: A Harbinger of Great Change |
Creative writings of MAYRA•YADIR, an artist who writes & a writer who practices art. Site includes resources & inspiration for creative writers seeking to expand and cultivate their creativity and stretch further their self expression.
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Autumn: A Harbinger of Great Change

When leaves swap their green lush for golden rusts, change is afoot.

But not just any kind of change.

More like BIG SHIFTS and SEISMIC ALTERATIONS are notably ahead.

We get a sense of pending, substantial transitions when we see autumn treescapes bursting in their seasonal yellows and decadent browns.

Before long, all branches in plain sight will shed down to their stark barks.

And amidst such bare nakedness, I’ll be reminded of this one inevitable truth:

… that autumn is a time for paring down as well as for sweeping change.

Autumn leaves

Change, btw, is essential for fueling creativity

We are reminded of this important fact by author and professor emeritus at Stanford University, James L. Adams, who explains (in his 1986 book: The Care and Feeding of Ideas) that creativity and change:

  • are two sides of the same coin;
  • both imply new direction(s); and
  • both are associated with uncertainty and risk.

Change is also contextual

There are times we wrestle with change.

Other times, we can’t wait for change to happen.

And once in a while, we feel a bit of trepidation AND a sense of excitement about change.

That’s because while change is a constant feature in all our lives, the context of change is always in flux.

No matter the circumstances, however, it’s never easy to transition through change, EVEN if we want or welcome the shift.

Moreover, unwelcome and unwanted change is tough to deal with, yet we all face unexpected change at some point and must walk through it with determination and perseverance, no matter how hefty or challenging.

Speaking of change

Presently, I’m facing my own set of rapidly evolving changes.

Some are smaller ripples that feel manageable and easier to transcend; others, however, feel like much steeper mountains to climb and overcome.

One such evolution currently unfolding is the massive pivot in my own professional interests, which is substantial and still underway.

I’m just getting these professional changes started so I can’t speak to them fully as of yet, but what I can say is that this website (and relaunching my personal brand in this entirely new direction, but more on that later) is part of a broader, “turning a new career leaf” effort.

I guess the fact that it’s autumn now and nature is changing right along with me feels comforting; almost as if the golden trees outside my window are going out of their way to remind me that I’m far from alone in my time of transformation.

What about you?

What changes are you embarking on at this time?

And how are you maneuvering through them?

My hope is that you face whatever change comes your way with enduring levity and much grace 🙏.


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